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The LEARN Early Project is led by community allergist Dr. Kelsey Kaman in association with the Code Ana Program. Dr. Kaman is passionate about helping children succeed in life and, as an allergy physician, she is uniquely suited to share her knowledge of food allergy and allergy emergencies - anaphylaxis - with her community.

Dr. Kaman works closely with Dr. Alice Hoyt, the founder and chairman of the Code Ana Program. Code Ana equips schools for medical emergencies by guiding schools in the development and implementation of their own medical emergency response prevention and planning programs. 

Drs. Kaman and Hoyt are delighted to have the following community partners in the LEARN Early Project:

*We are especially grateful for the funding provided by the ACAAI's Allergists' Foundation to support this work.

Kindergarten Classroom
About Us: About Us
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